Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen - City

28 July 2018

What a wonderful and surprising city Copenhagen was. If you saw my last post you will know that we went to the Tivoli Gardens. But there is more to Copenhagen than the tulips in the Tivoli. 

Of course, there is a certain mermaid! 

Frankly the most disappointing bit of public statutory I have even seen! And tourists clamber all over her for a selfie. 

Much better was Gefion and her bulls just around the corner. 

She is really spectacular - ploughing away with her sons which she turned into bulls in order to do a bit of ploughing. 

Gefion wasn't the only wonderful statue on the waterfront. We also saw this guy.  He is made up of old engine parts.

The Royals were in town. That's their yacht. (Those sunbathers are not the royals, by the way!) 

And that's their palace.

I was very surprised at the water frontage in Copenhagen. I did not expect so many stunning canals. 

My only low point of the visit was Christiana - the 'free state' within the city.  It started as a hippie commune and many of the original buildings and street art are amazing examples of recycled building materials. 

And fantastic advocates of cycling.

But I did not like it at all. 

I feel very sorry for the original occupants, many have been there since the 70s, but I think it is an excellent example of how communities need some laws. The open and accepting attitude to cannabis has just been exploited by dealers - rather unpleasant young men who clearly don't live there and have very smart Mercs and BMWs. 

By all means, go and experience it yourself, but it made me both angry and sad. 

So back to happy Copenhagen. 

And the best bowl of porridge ever! 

Rhubarb with tarragon and olive oil! A match made in heaven.

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