Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen - Tivoli Gardens

24 July 2018

In early May we had a mini break to Copenhagen and Malmo. So, of course we crossed that bridge to get from one to the other. 

But let's start with Copenhagen. 

It was tulip season - and boy were the tulips flowering their socks off in the Tivoli Gardens. 

The Tivoli Gardens are a bit of an unusual institution - part public gardens, part amusement park and part destination (great restaurants, catering for a range of tastes and wallets, and cafes and people go there for dinner and to meet friends) right in the middle of Copenhagen. 

The gardens come complete with their own Spanish galleon!  It's a restaurant.

Sorry - tulip overload. I cannot get over how amazing those colours were.

We were a bit woosy when it came to the rides.  However, this was right up our street (we were there in the evening so don't worry - we were not depriving children of the pleasures.) 

The Indian restaurant! In case you were wondering. 

A little theatre - actually quite an historic building. 

If you do go to Copenhagen, definitely worth a visit.  

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