Malmo - city break

30 July 2018

I enjoyed Copenhagen but I really loved Malmo. 

It is so accessible from Copenhagen it has almost become a suburb of it's more famous neighbour (though of course, of late Scandi noir drama 'The Bridge' has really put it on the map).

If you arrive by train, even the station is impressive. 

Great public art.

Fantastic modern cityscapes.

And older, charming streetscapes. 

With some quirky characters.

If you find yourself in Malmo, the city museum is worth a visit.

These were old fishermen's huts on the approach.

Of course, because a very well known retailer has it's head quarters not far from Malmo, there was a lot of domestic design celebrated in the city museum. 

And the most bonkers, life style, very spooky, automated jazz band!

Unbelievably, this jazz band was made in England! I have never seen anything like it before, but apparently they were popular with the larger department stores.  They would have been used as novelty window displays. 

Sadly, the day we were there it wasn't working. The engineer had been called (which did amuse me - there is such a s thing as a 'life size spooky jazz band' engineer!) 

Moving on, this eclectic museum had a submarine!

Much fun, pretending to be submariners. In reality, life for them must have been hell.

And opposite the hotel, the most beautiful flower shop I think I have ever been into. An art deco building that has been a flower shop since it was first built.


  1. What a wonderful quirky looking place. Stockholm I visited in my late teens - but Malmo, though I remember marking it on maps when I taught geography more than 40 years ago!

    1. So easy to reach from Copenhagen. Well worth it. Loved Copenhagen but was equally charmed by Malmo. And of course, there's a certain 'bridge'.


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