14 April 2011

Not a particularly creative week on the textiles front (all my creativity currently being poured into work).
But I thought you might like to see this.  A couple of weeks ago Son came to stay. ( He is in Major Final Project hell with 6 complete outfits to make for his collection).

He has plans for a beautiful Bomber Jacket and the idea that weekend was to break the back of it.  In the end this did not happen but we did produce some lovely samples. One in particular involved layering silk chiffon over silk habotai and then (using a 2 inch grid) making small, circular gathers.  This was then attached to cotton/bamboo wadding with a tiny gold bead.

The photo does not do it justice!  The effect is a floaty, rippling finish.  Son has gone home to try printing a gold foil grid onto the silk before doing this technique for the finished article.  I have not seen that yet, but I think will look beautiful.

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