7 April 2011

Well that was not a very auspicious start.  I now feel a bit more confident with web pages so am starting again.
In January and February  I treated myself to two courses at the Bramble Patch in Northamptonshire with Angie Hughes www.angiehughes.com

The Bramble Patch is the most wonderful place for a course and attracts lots of excellent tutors.  The shop is great if you are a patch-worker and quilter.  For more info look at their website www.thebramblepatch.co.uk
This year, as well as keeping this blog up to date, I am determined to finish projects.  Here is the piece finished from the January course – Buds and Blooms.  This is promised to my Mum, who has a bit of a gap on the wall by her stairs.  I plan to get it framed for her.

Angie does courses else where so if you are not near Northampton you can still enjoy her fantastic techniques.  Check her website or blog for more details.

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