28 April 2011

Sorry about lack of recent blog updates.  The Easter weekend rather got in the way and it has been a hectic week at work this week.  But I have not been completely idle on the fabric front.

It was lovely to have Emily to stay last week.  Together, we had a very busy couple of days making cloth dolls based on a pattern by Sharon Mitchell (from New Zealand) who has a fascinating blog at http://sfmclothdollswithattitude.blogspot.com/

The finished dolls stand about 11 inches tall.  Emily turned the dolls fingers with the tools she had for Christmas and I stitched the bodies and then make the clothes.

A great tip was to use Freezer Paper and to stitch around the paper and then cut out.  

That collar on the boys shirt was a real fiddle!  It is tiny!
 Tiny shoes before assembly.
Here are the finished dolls (somewhat spookily without their heads as Emily was doing the face sculpting elsewhere.).  They stand on their own and have been a real success.

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