Bletchley Park

27 November 2011

You might recall that I committed to doing a quilt for an exhibition to be held early next year at Bletchley Park.  I have had great fun doing the visual research for this project, a lot of which I have shared on this blog.  Well, I am now on the final stages.

This has been a first for me - the first time I have applied to show a piece of my work.  I still feel very ambivalent about it - part of me wants to share what I am doing (hence the blog) but part of me is very uncertain about the quality of my work.  Is it good enough?  And another part of me questions my motives - why am I doing this?  Is it an arrogance or have I reached the point where I need to share my work in order to grow.  

Anyhow, here are some of the latest images.

Darning foot ready and poised for some free motion embroidery.

The central panel.

Detail of the phone box (this was printed with acrylic paint using a hand made print block)

Detail of the bottom section of the panel - you can make out a scrap of mesh fabric that is underneath the organza.  The silver squares are from a coffee packet.

Elsewhere, much excitement.  As if I don't have enough distractions I have found another blog to follow - SiX and Friends.  Go have a look.  It includes some fabulous quilters, and I feel very privileged to have met a few of them.

Also - and I know my rule is to keep work and other life separate, but rules are to be broken and this stuff is getting too important - I have done a couple of blogs for work.  I am pretty pleased with them.  If  you have a chance, stop by and have a look.  I know energy efficiency can be a bit dull, but the B&Q house is pretty amazing.

I am pleased to report that the Whippet X hasn't caught any more pheasants, my good intentions to start writing Christmas cards has gone to pot and I picked more ripe (well ish) tomatoes today.  It's nearly December for goodness sake.  The world has gone mad.


  1. Oh well done on submitting to Bletchley Park. I thought about it fleetingly but too much on. Hilary Richardson showed her quilt top to our 'local' contemporary group, which is my 'baby' and it is fab. Are you going to the exhibition?

  2. Yes I probably will be. I work in MK and stay in a village just to the north of MK during the week and some weekends (I actually live in Hampshire - don't ask - too complicated!) What is your local contemporary quilt group?

  3. South Coast Contemporary Quilt group. We meet near Southampton every couple of months - next meeting early Jan. It is a requirement to be a member of the Quilters Guild and the Contemporary Quilt specialist group, but not for the first 2 visits. Otherwise we have to jack the price up rather a lot and as neither of us like paperwork if we can avoid it, it's easier for us to have that criteria. Probably best to email me?

  4. Hi Carrie - hope you pick this up. As I said I live (well 'vote') in Hampshire - Gosport actually, but spend most of my time in MK which is where I work. In theory I would be interested in joining a Contemporary Quilt group, though not sure if it will fit in with my work committments. I'll see if I can find you on the net.


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