Is it just me?

22 November 2011

Or do you also have random photographs in your collection?

For the day job I had to hunt back through my photo collection today and it reminded me just what a weird selection I have.  Here are just a random selection of the odd ones.

This one was taken in Axminster in Devon (actually, is it?  Or is it Dorset?).  OK - it was the Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall cafe.

This was in Trondheim in Norway.

This one was in Seville (now why would you leave a random bunch of padlocks on railings on a bridge over the river?  And why would some mad English woman photograph them when surrounded by all that glorious Moorish architecture?)

And this was in Southsea, Hampshire.  And you thought Southsea was all about beaches, ice cream, piers and the hovercraft.  Really its all about stacks or army jerry cans.

I have got loads.  I always carry a camera with me (for work - you never know when there might be an interesting building or some interesting insulation just asking to be snapped)  but I am not the best of photographers, though I did discover today that in Picassa you can straighten up images that are slightly skew whiff.  Now since most of my images are slightly drunk, those nice people at Google must have invented that feature just for me.

Having said that though, blimey but Picassa is frustrating.  Or then again, perhaps it is just me.


  1. I love these photos! I am a textile artist too and cannot resist playing with my camera for creative playtime. I really love the feeling you have in these of curated collections of like objects, even though it seems you have just come across them as you are out and about. I love the angels, too!

  2. Thanks Amanda. You are right, I just came across them. The only 'staged' photo was the top one in a restaurant. The rest are rather random! Do you have a blog? Send me the link so that I can go and have a look. Hilary


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