Tidying up photographs, and I found these

17 November 2011

It has been another of those weeks with seemingly endless house guests - it is part of my responsibility as keeper of the company house to run a somewhat lax guest house (the guests sometimes get catered for but sometimes have to look after themselves - this week was more the latter though so far no one has lodged a complaint).  

I don't mind at all but it does mean that I tend to be less creative than I would if I were on my own.  So I used the chance this evening to do a bit of  tidying of my random selections of photographs.  While I was looking through my back catalogue of photographs I found these.  These stone angels are destined to spend eternity guarding a grave in the churchyard at Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire.  The photographs were taken last new years day.  These angels were very eery in their everlasting quest - you would almost think that they moved when you weren't looking at them. 


  1. Hilary - did you see that episode of Dr Who featuring stone angels that did move? It was really creepy!

  2. Yes I did and I think who ever wrote that episode had been to this churchyard! We all swore that they moved when we had our back turned on them!


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