Bletchley and Gawcott

26 February 2012

I feel as though my head is spinning - where to start.

Highlights of the week -

  • London Fashion Week - Son No 1 launched his debut menswear collection.  There has been so much press interest that I cannot list it all here, and anyway I am not sure that my blog readers are that bothered in edgy, street orientated mens wear.  So I'll spare you!  But here is the best link to see the work.  The patterns are great, it must be said.
  • Bletchley Park Quilt Exhibition - what a great venue for a quilt exhibition and thanks to the ladies of the the Quilters Guild Region 7 who did such a fantastic job (and here is just a small selection of the work on display but really sorry to anyone whose work it is, I did not get your names.  It was too crowded to record everything properly) 

  • I took my friend Fee a descendant of the architects George and Giles Gilbert Scott (St Pancras station - George - and Battersea Power Station - Giles) to see the church at Gawcott in Buckinghamshire which was designed by the Reverend Thomas Scott, father of George, who started the whole architectural thing off. (I know she looks a bit tiny in the photo but if I made here bigger then you wouldn't see the church, which is rather lovely)

This was all a bit of a co-incidence, because the Gilbert Scott telephone box featured quite significantly in my  entry for the Bletchley Park exhibition.  

And when I was doing my research I found a lovely picture of Fee's father, Richard Gilbert Scott with a phone box his father had designed.

I must say though that I was slightly disappointed with the way that my own work had been displayed at Bletchley Park.  It was hung too low to 'shine'.  The light did not really get to it properly.  But
while it is true to say that I was a bit disappointed, perhaps because this was the first time I had been brave enough to show anything, I still think that the ladies did an amazing job.  The place was heaving and the organisation was great and the displays in general very good indeed. 

What do you think?


  1. I love the look of the show. And your piece looks great. I know how you feel about placement- I had a similar experience with my reaction seeing where my quilt was placed in my first show. It was disconcerting, and not what I had been imagining. But your piece looks great; thanks for sharing your work and your blog!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Showing your work is a very weird thing isn't it. You have a vision for how it should be presented and when it is not shown in that way it is a 'disappointment'. it does make you realise how important 'curating' is and how much thought must go into big shows like the Hockney or the Freud etc.

  2. Your son's prints are fabulous - you must be very proud! And your quilt too. Seems that those of us who read your blog and get to see the close-up photos are in a better position to judge! :-)

  3. Ah Kim - thanks so much for your kind words.


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