What a week - and it's only Wednesday!

22 February 2012

Well - a week to remember.

First of all City & Guilds Creative Textiles 2 started  - that is my Monday evenings sorted out for the next 20 weeks or so.

It was great to see 3 other people from the last class I did - and of course lovely to see Jane again.

And the other highlight has been London Fashion Week, and in particular Menswear day today, when a certain Mr Kit Neale presented his debut collection. (remember all that unpicking?)

If menswear is your thing (and I am guessing from the profile of my followers that it probably isn't - but don't let that inhibit you) you can watch an interview with him and others here.  (Proud mother moment!)

Right - on with my sketch book and mood board.  That Jane is a hard task master!


  1. if this was Facebook, I would 'like' it. All sounds good H, well done :) I am looking forward to all that print and colour next week too.

  2. ...and have you found "pin interest'?? sure you have, but if you haven't, take a look - lushness all around and another thing to inspire/get hooked on...

  3. Yes - I have found Pinterest and am hooked! All this computer mularky is such a time waster. No time for TV anymore!!


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