February snow and crowning glory

15 February 2012

It has been a bit of an exhausting few days.

Last week it was travelling, this week it has been sewing -  not my own stuff, but for designer son. Actually it would be more accurate to say unpicking!  That is what I was doing - unpicking waste bands and collars.

But before getting onto that, three cheers for the February snow!  Sure enough, as I knew in my heart of hearts it would, it snowed in February.

This was the scene on one of our early morning dog walks.

This really was the morning, even though the photos suggest the evening.

Then we (Whippet X and I) spent last weekend grafting at the new studio in Hackney.

That is the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection on the rail.

It was a slog - we had to get lots done before a photographic shoot on Monday.  Frankly, the Whippet X was not impressed.

Designer son has been getting a lot of press coverage of late, including these rather fabulous crowns (which were used in a shoot featuring Comme des Garcons clothes for Wonderland Magazine)

One thing though, I do know how to ease a sleeve into a shirt!  I thought I had forgotten all my dress making skills.

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  1. wow! glorious crown's designer son, such fun! YOu must me so proud textile mum. xx


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