I'm in! City and Guilds Creative Textiles Level 2 - here I come

18 February 2012

So I am just sorting out a few source photographs.

And I found this, which I think is rather lovely. Aspirational up-cycling in action.

This is in the dining room of a rather trendy boutique hotel in Clerkenwell, London.  The dining room was divided by three of these - constructed using bits and pieces from rather unspecial furniture.

I am a bit lacking in the woodworking skills or I would try to replicate this idea for my sewing room, which I am determined to 'sort out'!

For the last course I did (C&G Creative Textiles level 1) I had one photo on which to start the creative journey.  This time I don't have one image.  I think I will use a number - and I know its a bit cliched - but I think I will use leaves as the starting point.

Anyway, looking forward to Monday evening.  So exciting.  Have treated myself to a new sketchbook!  And I do love a new sketchbook.


  1. A new sketchbook and leaves :) sounds great, see you on Monday! x

  2. Looking forward to it very much. Sorting bits and bobs out now.

  3. Sounds very exciting! May be my turn to be jealous! ;-)

  4. Ha Kim - Milton Keynes Adult Education is not quite Morley college - I just don't think we'll have access to the sort of equipment and studio space that you have. Jane (who left the top comment) is great and I am sure she won't mind my saying this. I did level 1 a couple of years ago with her and I really enjoyed it. Of course I'll show you how things are going on my blog - and infact am just sorting out my leaf photos from Westonbirt last Autumn.

    Jane has promised us a few new techniques - so really looking forward. Lots of leaf colour to work with.



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