Freezer paper stencils

20 May 2012

I have hardly managed to do anything this week - a very frustrating week exacerbated by a complete need for sleep and lack of energy.

But I dragged myself off the sofa this evening and quickly cut a few stencils with freezer paper, which I then gently ironed onto that piece of 'wet on wet' painted fabric I produced a couple of weeks ago, and which demanded a bit of additional pattern. This paticular piece was just too wet - so all the paint just merged.  I had used Dy Na Flow, a really good quality paint and it does look as though the fabric has been dyed.

Having ironed the shapes on to the fabric I felt it needed a bit of extra interest and found a bit of packaging with neat rectangles already cut out.  

Frankly I was not up to anything too exhausting so i just grabbed a sponge and some fabric printing ink,  a green I had already mixed up.  

And I don't know about you, but I think the effect is actually quite successful.  

So a bit fired up, I decided to use a piece of transfer dye paper that I had already prepared (I had sheets of paper with dried dye painted onto them, which I cut into squares and then restuck to a sheet of A4 photocopy paper - I could have just painted squares, but I did it 'the hard way').

I cut more freezer paper shapes, stuck them to a bit of rather nasty buff coloured  synthetic fabric.  And then applied a hot iron (using sheets of teflon to protect the fabric and the iron) for a long time!  I don't really like this technique - my iron does not get hot enough I think, and the effects are a bit blotchy.

So here the shapes have not been removed.

And here I have removed the paper shapes. You can see the rather eratic blotchy effect from the iron (including the shapes on the plate, even though there was no water and the steam was off).  

I think this technique could be more effective with a heating tool which gives a hotter temperature.

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