My version of Retail Therapy

26 May 2012

May has been one hell of a month on the work front - some of it has been fun, some of it has been frustrating, some of it has been just been downright grim!

So what's a girl to do!  Well of course, go shopping!

But I did not hot foot it down to the local high street, no siree.  My version of retail therapy was to head off to this wonderful website  and order three screens from images I had been working on.

Here they are in black and white.

And here are the first outings of the finished screens.

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I really like this twiggy image, I feel it has real potential.  Probably not for the C&G piece, but possibly for an  embroidery later.

More of these image will follow.


  1. Hi there just caught up with your blog after your comment on mine. Wow, you have been really busy. The thermofax images look very interesting and with great potential.

    I've found that the transfer dyes are really tricky to get an even effect without a heat press, although I suppose an iron with a completely flat plate might work.

    1. I love thermofax screens. I have done some more paper printing and will put them up shortly. H

  2. That is SOO clever - brilliant!

    1. Well, not really. Just the wonder of thermofax! I have some more lovely images. I must get them up on the blog. Probably later! Thanks for popping by. H


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