Friday Morning Rules

18 January 2013

Well, another week has slipped by and not much stitching or textile work has been accomplished.

I have my excuses! (Don't we all) And though I don't watch much television I have been hooked by the BBCs Winter Watch program.  Beavers are back in Britain!  And since that started at 8pm in the evening, not much time to get anything done before, and afterwards, well I have slumped onto the sofa by then.

But I have managed to keep up with other people out there and Kit Lang had a good idea.  She invited people to recommend blogs she might like to follow.

I am a big fan of hers - last year she made some truly heroic art.  And she blogs regularly (puts me to shame) and she works too (my head is hanging).

Have a look at her recommendations and see what you think.

Which I did, and I found Nina-Marie.  Now I have only just fond her, and cannot tell you much about her, but it seems that she too has a pesky day job but fits it all in!  (Note to self - find out how you can manage on less sleep).

But Nina-Marie also has this wonderful little set of rules, which I have somewhat shamelessly copied:-

  • Link up any post from the past week that is creatively driven, WIP, Finish Pieces, Process oriented etc - Art Quilt perferred, any media accepted - great idea, let's share! - I would say go beyond the past week.  If you find something out there which inspires, no matter how old, then share.
  • Somewhere in your post, please link back to my blog - now I've linked back to hers above, but in case you missed it, here it is again
  • Please visit  some of the other blogs and leave a comment or two - an encouraging word means a lot to an artist! - how true.  If you pop by tell me what you think.  My heart sings a little when people leave me a comment.  It does mean a lot.  That said, if I pop by your blog and don't leave a comment, please don't be offended.  Sometimes I just don't have anything witty and meaningful to say and I don't want to just type in something banal. 
  • Be Inspired! - goodness me.  Indeed!  Be inspired.  I was inspired yesterday by a simple photo of a set of plastic storage bucket things from Fibre Frenzi (who always is rich with colour!)

And I'll leave you with this tantalising photo.  For while you might not have had much from me on the art side lately I promise I have been sewing!  But for Son No 1 - gentleman's silk shirt anyone?


  1. Very good points! It's also nice if you become a follower, even if you have nothing to say. It's great having this vast resource. :)

  2. Hey I recognize those rules! grin! So glad you've found then useful! If you look back a few posts in December - there is a Xmas party one that tells more about me - that was the first time I ever really put anything personal on my blog - its mostly a process blog where we share whatever we are doing creatively around the house - sometimes my daughter or husband's stuff is featured - but mostly its just me plugging along! Feel free to link up to OTWF any week !

    1. Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for sharing your rules. I am fairly anonymous on my blog (a few followers know who I am) because I want to keep work life and textile life separate (for all sorts of reasons) but I do find blogging so inspirational.

      And isn't it great to communicate with people who you would never otherwise meet?


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