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30 January 2013

Well, for all sorts of reasons January has been a frustrating month creatively.  So here I am, staring February in the face with very little to show for January (other than that fantastic technique for laminating fabric - or to put it more grandly, making your own oil cloth)

I am just about managing to keep up with other blogs though, and finding new ones along the way (I can do that in bed) so here's a quick round up of some current favourite blogs and goings on.

First off, Hilary Beattie.  She's making a banner for her regional quilt group, and this latest blog shows her process rather nicely.  Worth a follow I suggest to see how it progresses, and she writes very entertainingly I feel.

Next up is The Crafty Mugwump (yes- I know! Don't ask me why) who also rather generously shares her techniques and who seems to live a double life - partly not a million miles away from me (she belongs to the Peterborough Embroiders Guild) and partly in the glorious north of Scotland.  It's hard to type this without a tinge of envy setting in!

But sometimes I wander off piste, as it were, and am a bit of a fan of the rather glam Artemis at Junkaholique.  It's worth stopping by sometimes just to get a glimpse of her photos.  Her blog is so scrumptious to look at and her vintage foundlings and crafty gems are often inspirational.

I follow more ( and infact love them all) but I thought you might like a little detour round these, dear reader, if you are not already familiar with them.

So, lets put January behind us, welcome the longer days and plan for a bit of creativity.

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  1. Thanks for the mention in your blog, I envy your site you are obviously more au fait with the tech side of things than I will ever be.
    My grandfather christened me the mugwump over sixty years ago(gulp). I only found out what it meant three years ago - A person who marched at the head of the tribe with a big stick and made a lot of noise. He totally got me even before I could properly talk!


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