PAINTED QUILTS by ANNABEL RAINBOW: Life 5 - "Shall I Be Mother?" finished. Photos and...

12 January 2013

I have to quickly put up a Blog Post about this fabulous quilt by Annabel Rainbow - not because it needs any additional commentary, but because if I share it with you, dear reader, there is a chance it's existence may spread a little further than just through Annabel's blog alone.

Follow the link and read the message.   Then take a little gasp, like I did, and probably read it again.

Then send the link to everyone you know who (even if they are not into the arts or quilting in any way).

PAINTED QUILTS by ANNABEL RAINBOW: Life 5 - "Shall I Be Mother?" finished. Photos and...:

It's going to the Bramble Patch from the 23rd March to the 6th April (no disrespect to the Bramble Patch, but I think it should go to a National Gallery) which means that for a short while Weedon will be the Centre of the Universe.

Now pop off and read Annabel's blog.

(and send her my love and respect!)


  1. Crikey! Thanks LTW, WTL, I can't tell you how pleased I am that you like the quilt. It truly makes it worthwhile that someone out there has enjoyed it in some way and more than makes up for the lack of understanding elsewhere!! Good on you :) Perhaps I'll see you at Wheedon??

    1. My absolute pleasure Annabel.

      I will see all the quilts at Weedon (it's only half an hour from my 'work home' - though a bit of a trek from my 'home home'.


  2. Great link, many thanks for posting.


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