After a frustrating day with the day job......

23 November 2013

I came home and took out the frustrations in my journal ( which is sort of what  it is for). 

This isn't a 'how to do it' post - there are plenty of art journalers out there in we land with nifty little how to vids - I admit I find them quite addictive - but it shows you some of the journey to the final page. 

I starting by ripping up a superfluous Christmas gift catalogue ( that took out my aggression) and randomly pasted tiles of paper on the page.  You can just see them peeking through. 

Then with spray ink and one of the card stencils I made a couple of weeks ago I sprayed on red ink.

Then in my random stash of what some people would call junk, but I call 'things that might come in useful someday' ( which is a somewhat smaller stash than it was following my studio tidy!) I found this nifty Costa coffee cup holder.  Just look at that texture.

What a great print plate! 

And you can see the effect in use - just printed using acrylic paints.

 Bit more spraying and stencilling, this time with green ink.

Then some dots from an older stamp pad I made a couple of years ago.

I think I might try and do a stamp pad tutorial for you some time.  They are so expensive to buy but so cheap, and can be very quick, to make. 

 Finished page ( well I might add some lettering later because I am using the book partly to overcome my aversion to words in art - though I have made a bit of progress in that department this year).

Feeling better!!  Therapy!!

Ps I am only using the rhs of the book because it is a lovely book but not good for sketch booking or journaling as the spine is too stiff.  I might work through it from one way and then turn it round and work back the other. 


  1. That's a great way to make use of one of those interminable gift catalogues, I must try it! It's looking very effective especially with the dotty stamps on it. I like the idea of working through the book in both directions. Glad you're feeling better :-)

    1. Yep- rip up the junk that comes through your door and cut and paste away!! And the dotty stamp was dead easy to make. I used little stcky dots from funky foam shapes from Hobby Craft.

  2. I really like this page and thanks for the suggestion about collaging with gift catalogues. I am seduced by the colours of the photography, if not by the products themselves.

    1. I also like the pages from the guardian weekend supplement!

  3. My sketchbook seems to have gone by the wayside a bit, you might inspire me to get back to it! Lovey monoprinting here & in the last few posts, great colors.

    1. Thanks Emma. I love mono printing onto tissue paper. So many possibilities!


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