More mono printing and a studio rationalisation.

3 November 2013

I am exhausted, on my knees, kaput! 

It all started when I somewhat impulsively bought a new table and chair for the dining room of the Northamptonshire home from home.  

All the more impulsive because you may know, if you pop by often, that there is some doubt as to how much longer we will me here ( Whippet X and I plus assorted work colleagues/house mates.) 

So to fit it in a bit of rearranging of the furniture was needed. 

And you may also recall that I mentioned tidying up the studio.  That needed to be finished because I have also got a new cupboard for the art stuff. ( by the way none of this stuff is new - just new to me.  The cupboard was being thrown out by work.  I rescued it and painted the doors white.  The table and chair were a bargain from a local furniture shop.  I was going to paint them both to give them that country kitchen look but now they're in I think they work just fine without the paint. ) 

So I re- assembled the cupboard (tricky when there is just one if you) and had a complete sort out.  I have managed to rationalise all my stuff so if we do move (or I go back to my real home) I won't  feel quite so overwhelmed by the junk in the back room. 

And then, because the back room/junk room/studio feels so much more conducive to working in I did a bit of printing.  I got the old tile out and did a bit of mono printing.

I did a few images that I am pretty pleased with but also tried with the ink too wet. 

The printing did not work but the effect on the plate was pretty magical (I was using a page from an old road atlas. 

You can see on thi picture the mess on the actual sheet of paper.  Not quite the look I was hoping for. 

But now that the studio is workable space I might just have another print run tomorrow morning. 

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