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23 November 2013

So, first of all a bit of gentle and easy peasy print block making ( old packaging and self adhesive foam shapes from the kids aisle is Hobbycraft). 

Then a bit of ripping up and sticking down of an unwanted catalogue. Those green blobs are paint. 

Then paint, stencilling and printing - a little self adhesive hand - and voila, a new page. 


  1. Ah now - the kids aisle in Hobbycraft - I must visit. Such great, simple print block shapes. I especially like the little flowers.
    I found excellent snow flake shapes in the Christmas aisle last year, the backing of which became great masks when transfer printing. I'll bet the designers never guessed such a possibility!

  2. Yay - that's double bubble! Well done!! And no I bet they haven't got a clue!! Xx


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