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8 November 2013

A bit more to share from my latest sketchbook. 

If you're new to this blog, or perhaps just drop in from time to time, then I should quickly say that there is no theme or purpose to this, my latest sketch book, other than as somewhere to play with ideas and techniques and to just generally unblock me. 

This followed the horse chestnut theme, sticking paper leaves coloured with inks onto a background paper of mono printed tissue paper, again coloured with a wash of ink. 

And this uses the leaf print block I made a couple of posts ago using funky foam, again over a background of mono printed paper.  I love the implication of decay on this page. 

And appro pro of nothing at all, here is a lovely little piece of mid century furniture I found in Sugden & Daughters' barn at the Red Lion pub in Yardley Hastings, Northamtonshire. I dilly dallied for too long and it was sold to someone else! Bother!  Now I am regretting not buying it. 

And this was hangin on the wall.  Somewhat bizarrely I have to say that it did have a certain charm. 

It's a lovely vintage place next to a lovely country pub. 

Pop in if you're in the area, but I should say it's not open Sundays anymore. 


  1. Love your sketchbook! It's one thing I'm bad about, keeping a record of the processes, I always photograph the finished piece but just work from what's in my head.

  2. Thanks for your comment. When I am working on a larger piece I don't always use a sketch book. Sometimes I just work from my imagination like you.

    But when I am not working specifically on a big piece or just feel a bit blocked then I love a sketch book.

  3. Sketchbooks are wonderful. I often think I do much better things in my many sketchbooks than I do in those big pieces that are supposed to come from them.
    I love these colours - the leaf print block and the monoprinted background. These are such fun to do and results so often unexpected.

    1. I'm a relatively late convert to sketchbooks, and really have Brenda Boardman and a short course at the Bramble Patch to thank. I am very into the possibilities that come from mono printing. I have 4 more JQs to do ( if I am to complete this years challenge) and am thinking mono printing for at least 2 of them.


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