Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch - part 1

23 March 2014

I had volunteered to do a stint on the Journal Quilt stand at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show at the NEC. 

I went to this show for the first time last year.  I enjoyed it then and determined I would try to visit this year, so when a call went around for volunteers I jumped at the chance. 

Here are a few pictures of the stand.  The JQs always seem to hang together well. 

Two of Avril Horns little quilts.  Rather lovely.

All the quilts were rather lovely and the various people I spoke to had a favourite - and they were all different.

What makes this show rather nice, and please forgive me for this, but most if the people don't seem to be earnest quilters.  So you say to them " do you quilt?" and they say "No, not at all, I just dabble with sewing really and I couldn't possibly do this" and you say " Yes you could.  Everyone eith work here had to start somewhere and if you like this then you could try it too".  And what was so nice was that you could then send them off to see Angie Hughes, the Kemshalls, Stephanie Redfern or Hilary Beattie to learn how to do it.

And blow me down, but if it wasn't Hilary Beattie next door!

 On the very next stand, a gallery shared by Hilary and Jenny Rolfe. 
I loved this show.  I loved meeting people who I only had met previously on the internet.  I loved the range of work.  I loved the galleries. I loved the fact that there were lots of younger people there, and men, and sewers from all backgrounds. 

What a great way to spend a Saturday! 


  1. Blogger just ate my comment so I'm trying again. It was a great Show wasn't it? I enjoyed my inpromtu stint on the CQ stand too and hope I may have inspired a few people to join or at tleast to spread their wings. It was lovely to meet you too :)

  2. Ha Julie - blogger sometimes eats mine! So rude!! I did love this show. I'm all bubbling with inspiration!

  3. Hi Hilary! Thank you for your comment on my blog, Mum mentioned you'd popped by, I'm sorry I missed you! Glad you enjoyed the show :)


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