Sunday in the garden.

19 March 2014

Lunch in the garden on Sunday, because it felt like summer. 

Carrot, apple and peanut salad, ham, home made pickles. 

The sweetest smelling duffs on the table. 


And this cheeky chap in the post. 

Meanwhile, the mega house hunt has begun.

There's lots to rent here in Milton Keynes, but the location must be good for dog walks, I must have studio space and other more mundane criteria. 

Score so far:- 

Complete dump = 1 

Possibles but something really just niggling away = 2 ( no dog walk, too far from office etc.) 

Lovely location, but teeny tiny bedrooms( my definition of a double bedroom is where you can walk round a double bed. Not where it touches all four walls) and no space for a studio = 1 

So, we are calling it a day for this week, and we will review it next week, and no doubt traipse round another 4. 

This weekend the Fashion and Stitching show is on.  Yours truly is doing a stint on the Journal Quilts stand. 

Batteries re-energised, we will resume the search next week!  

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