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26 March 2014

I don't know about you, but sometimes you go to a show, you see a gallery of work, and you simply get quite blown away!  

Or is it just me? 

At the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show, which I mentioned in my last post, it was this gallery of work that did the blowing!! I was knocked over by it all. 

First up, this automaton.  You really had to see it move.  I have always loved automatons - there's a magic about them. 

And then these simply beautiful hanging tags.

These were on the wall. 

And these were just gently turning in the air currents. 

The 'silver' bits are in fact Pewter. 

It was a busy and eclectic gallery put together by a group of friends operating under the umbrella of

They are Christina Brazier, Seonaid Brookes, Jackie Copping, Ann Dekkers, Helen O'Leary, Ann Small and Sue Walton.  I think it was Ann Dekkers who did the automaton and I am pretty certain that it is Jackie who does the tags.

The gallery included these simple monochrome figures by Christine Brazier.

And finally, Jaberwocky by Ann Small and Sue Walton.

With hanging crowns!

And little guards keeping watch. 

Photographed in two styles to give you a feel. 


  1. Yes Hilary....I know EXACTLY what you mean!!

    I first saw dees bones in Harrogate 2013 and bought a piece called "Wishbones" for a very special (and strange) friend who loved it on sight

    Glad to meet someone else with similar...odd...tastes!! :-)))

    x C


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