Idling the time away (when I should probably be packing boxes)

16 March 2014

So - a bit of time to myself.  Sod to packing. That can wait to another day.  No where to move to yet.

I should also be doing some work on the Dislocation quilt for FOQ (months away,  but it will catch up with me) but instead got side tracked.

I found some more boxes - and can you guess what I was thinking?

Yep - more book covers.  But this time I am going to try a different binding technique.

So these two I have left intact - the side of the original box will be the spine of these books (elsewhere I am researching book binder stitches)

And the third one will have a fabric spine.  Not quite sure how that will work yet.

And then I cut a new stencil.

And had a play ( a bronze acrylic onto fabric)

And then I got out the Gelli plate and had a bit more of a play (fruit packaging over the plate and printing through it)

And then I tried a new stamp (bargain basement bin at Hobbycraft)

And more acrylic paint on more fabric - the stencil I cut for the book cover.  But I do like it.

For the record, my decorated fabric stash is getting a bit low and I am going to try inking these from the back.  A suggestion from Chloe Redfern.

I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. Books! Obsession! I'm reading this in a pause between ripping up paper for handmade book pages...I like the printing.

    1. Ha ha, I've just read your blog too. I'm thinking a whole library with possibly some found poetry.


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