Beads and Paper are the answer

21 November 2014

So, dear reader, I let the little piece I have been working on rest for a couple of evenings.

And then two pieces of inspiration hit. 

First of all this from Beryl Taylor ( a new one to me but she is clearly well known in the textile arts world). 

And then this from the lovely, lovely Angie Hughes. 

It was the paper and the beads that clicked. 

So I auditioned some beads. 

And I found some redundant reading book pages. 

Actually, that's not strictly true. The pages were from some freebie publications the Guardian Newspaper gave away a couple of years ago ( I always knew they would come in useful). 

These I coloured with some Distress Inks, and cut into tiny tiles. 

Stuck down onto the page, and now awaiting the final bead embellishments. 

Coming together nicely, I think, though this lazy photo, taken with the iPad doesn't really do it justice. 


  1. Looking lovely, despite the ipad pic.

  2. Aha, I have some of those Guardian publications hanging around ... and know they'll come in useful some day!

    1. I'm down to my last one! Bother, if only I'd known! It'll be off to the Charity shop for me, though I find destroying books very difficult even though I know many of them end up in the recycling.

  3. Looking good! You mean you haven't been Beryl Taylored? !!!! You have to have her book. ;-)

  4. It's looking very good. Beryl Taylor's book would definitely be a good addition to your library.


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