I said I would get the sewing machine out .......

16 November 2014

I said I would get the sewing machine out. 

I did not manage to get stitching done on both pieces but here is the first, well on the way. 

I have put a mount in front of it to help me gauge the effect. 

The stitching was done over polyester organza which I then burnt away with a soldering iron, because that was less fiddly than using scissors and you can get close to the stitching. 

It's coming together, but still needs some more work. 

I need to let it rest now for a while.  It may need a bit of beading, some hand stitching or some more machine stitching. I'm not sure yet. 

Watch this space. 

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  1. Resting for a while is so helpful ... And you've got all those other pieces to work on while your thoughts clear.


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