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7 November 2014

You know me!

If, for whatever reason, I am finding it difficult to be creative there is always the Internet - and I've found these to share with you. 

First up is a wonderful technique for laminating paper and then using the papers. Ellen Golla is an American artist who has always worked with paper ( by that I mean collage etc.) and is now into handmade books etc. 

This post illustrates the possibilities of sticking papers together with things trapped in between as a foundation for other art. 

Now I do lots of sticking paper down onto other things, but don't call it lamination. It's just what I do.   But perhaps I should.  Anyway, this shows there are lots more ideas to explore. 

Next up is a painting tutorial. This is not too full on and gives a good insight into how the artist built up his picture. I though it might make a useful reference. 

And finally back to the possibilities with paper, paint and pva. 

Have a look at the stunning creation, the Tansu Gothic on Randi Pankhursts site. 

So many possibibilities, so little time! 


  1. Thanks for the links! Just what I need for a spot of procrastination :)

  2. Iz, I know. But sometimes a distraction can be a good thing.


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