Hearts - Part II

8 February 2015

The 'Hearts' project I mentioned in my last post is progressing - albeit slowly.  Why do these things take 10 times longer than we think they will?

This week there has been a lot of snipping of little hearts - paper hearts, tissue hearts, hearts from painted bondaweb etc. 

And there has been cutting up of the backgrounds to make pockets etc. 

So, when I left you a number of background papers were complete and the cover was well on the way.

I think I forgot to mention that as well as the paper, I also used brush inks on some heavy weight vilene.  And I stencilled some grunge paste from Paperartsy through the same stencil I had used for the gesso on the background papers.  If you do this while the ink is still wet it will bleed through into the grunge paste.  I love the background that makes. 

I also made a high old mess!

Bit of thread selection going on.

I am going to use tags in this book.  Last time, in my 'Seize the Day' book, I made tags from Vilene.  This time I am covering lightweight card tags with the backgound papers.

Giving a lush pile of tags ready for the next stage.

A bit more auditioning - this time threads for decoration.

And then I had a brainwave (or a distraction!) and decided I needed some painted lutrador that I could stitch and blast with a heat gun

So I painted with the brayer (and those trusty Fresco Finish Paints).

And then I stitched (this is a 'set' stitch on my machine ).

And then I blasted with the heat gun.  You can see a few holes here.  The paint and the stitching resist the heat a bit.

And then I began to decorate the pockets.

Some of the background papers, stitched onto a Vilene pocket and a little row of green beads (but they look like spots in this photo.)

That's a bit better.  You can see the beads on the left and another embroidery stitch from the machine.

And a bit more beading here.

And here is that zapped painted & stitched lutrador, with a paper heart and some twine zig zagged on.

More beaded hearts and zapped lutrador (mounted on more villein).

And I found some 'square sequins'.  I really like them.

And more mess!

Golly, but there is still so much to do!

I need to call an end to these pockets and get on with the main book.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Sherrie. Colourful, so up your street I think.

  2. That all looks very interesting. I've been a bit wary of Lutradur, but that lacey effect coul be swaying me.

    1. Give it a go, but you do need a heat gun with a bit of oomph to melt it.

  3. Coming along beautifully and I await the final piece

    1. Nearly finished now. Lettering pretty much done. Assemblage tonight so I will do a final blog either over the weekend or next week.

  4. Fabulous hearts & I love all the different things you are doing to/with them!
    Thanks for pointing us to those videos, too, the build up is interesting.

    1. There are some great resources out there on the web and if I find something I find useful I do share. Sometimes I wonder if I am cluttering up my blog and if readers find them a bit of a bore, but thanks for your comments.

      I really need to crack doing my own videos because I thing a short video can actually be more engaging than a long blog.

      Anyway, how are you?

  5. I'm great, kept busy, but time playing in my sketchbook too. I finally wrote a post 2 weeks ago! Not sure if this is in the 'reply' bit, but I'm sure you'll find it!


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