Hearts Part III - and finish

22 February 2015

Do you remember my latest handmade book?

I can't blame you if you don't.  It's been a bit of a saga to be able to share the finished article with you.  I have been cursing technology this past week or so.  It's all the jargon!  All those file types, and the fact that I have a new (ish) laptop and don't really know what I am doing.

Anyway, I think all that is now sorted so here you go.  I hope you enjoy it.

But before all that let me just remind you of the project.

It all started here, at the beginning so to speak.

And then I shared a bit more with you here.

You can see a bit more of the build up if you pop back to the links.

Any way, here is a closer look at finished article.

For the construction I used a mix or papers and vilene.  I also used commercial bought tags (so beloved of scrapbookers etc.) but useful to cover in papers.  Here is one such tag - the main one with the name of the book (and on the reverse I have written a little personal message to the recipients).

In the pics below, I have tried to  show you the book opened up.  I  used a concertina structure for the pages, with pockets and tags with little heart related messages.

A close up of the opening flap with embroidered hearts.

Two pockets with tags poking out of the top.

The same page with the tag now taken out to show you.

More pockets, the one on the left using painted, stitched and 'burnt' lutrador over paper  (on it's own the lutrador would not have enough strength) and the one on the right uses organza over painted and textured paper.

The right hand side of the book, with the outside flap closed .

The same view, but with the outside flap opened.

 And the same view showing the detail of the tag from the pocket (that gold heart is collaged chocolate paper).

Closer detail of the heart showing the stitching.

Another page, this time the pocket itself has a little pocket with a mini tag.

Detail of a lutrador pocket, with a beaded and embroidered gold heart (again using foil from a chocolate wrapper).

 3 mini tags in pockets on a pocket - close up.

The same page, less of a close up.

A mini tag with a painted bondaweb heart.

And finally, and this is where the technology was so very challenging, a little video to show you the finished article.

Let me know what you think (oh, and let me know if you can actually see the video.  Just because I have cracked a bit of the technology does not mean to say you can actually view it.)


  1. Just beautiful Hilary, and your video is great, it really helped me to understand exactly how your lovely book works. Lucky recipient eh!

  2. That was a great video - easier to tell exactly what was going on with the construction/how it opens out than with the stills, although the stills are good for seeing the details. I've never understood the allure of using Lutrador but you may have changed my mind with that painted/embroidered/heat distressed pocket. What a beautiful lacy effect but with some strength behind it I'd guess. And yes, I can see where the next step for you is to add more text. Be brave!

    1. Thanks Sheila.

      Yes, I knew I had to do a video. It's a book, and you know the penny has dropped for me - a book is an interactive piece of art. It works so much better when demonstrated in a more dynamic format like video.

      That said, posting the sodding video nearly tipped me over the edge. But I cracked it! Hence the posts have been a bit sporadic.

      And now I need to explore more texture and words. I need to start thinking of the words as part of the process rather than just a slightly embarrassing after thought. It's my current hurdle, if you know what I mean.

      I love your comments. Thanks for taking the time to write them

      H xxx

  3. The colour and texture in this lovely book are wonderful - so encouraging on a cold winter's day with wet, slushy snowflakes falling.

    1. Thanks. Yes bright and cheerful. I seem dawn to pinks and reds, yet they're not really colours I wear.

      But I need more paints. So perhaps I can steer away from those colours. I have a theme brewing for the next book.

  4. Well done for persevering with the technology, it was well worth it. Your book is a delight and is obviously a labour of love. Thank you for all the ideas, especially about using lutradur. Your recipient will love it.

    1. Yes, give Lutrador a go.

      My stocks are running a bit low. I need to replenish.

  5. This is wonderful, HIlary, and I just loved the video...really brought it all together and made the photos that you posted so much more meaningful. I'm so glad you managed the technology so that we are all able to enjoy the 'real' thing!! Beautiful work and very inspiring!! I might dig out my lutrador and have another go!! tks for posting!!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I actually really rather enjoy making the videos. It's the posting afterwards that tip me over the edge!

      And, yes, give the Lutrador a go. It's very satisfying.

  6. Well done for persevering with the technology - it shows off your extraordinary work of art at its best. Look forward to seeing the next book! ;-)

    1. Thanks Kim. Think it will be called something like Under the Greenwood Tree. Brewing!

  7. What a wonderful book, beautiful colors & textures - such attention to detail. I'm sure Rob will be finding all sorts of things in it during his recovery. Great video, worked really well.

  8. What a gorgeous and clever book design! This is wonderful! I love your gorgeous collage work and every single beautiful detail. Hugs, Autumn

  9. Gorgeous book, beautiful colours and many fabulous textures. xx


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