Designing a print from commission to finish

31 March 2015

As you know, I love a good wander round Blog Land.

So much lovely stuff out there. Things to explore, things to try out, things to admire and things to just gawp at.

One blog I follow is Purple Podded Peas - the blog by Celia Hart who is an illustrator and print maker.

To be honest with you, I am not sure how I found Celia, but I like her style very much.  To me it has that 'mid century' feel to it.  I am not sure where she studied or who her influences are, but she lives in rural suffolk and grows purple podded peas and other unusual things in her vegetable patch.

Recently she had a commission to do an illustration for an article in a magazine - in fact I believe it is a column in the magazine and she will be providing a regular illustration.

She very kindly and generously shared the process of ideas, through the sketchbook development to the final print here.  Go and have a little look. Worth a read, I think.

And she has a little on line shop too.  You can buy cards and fabric. How lovely is that!


  1. Thanks for the link, another exciting new blog to follow!

    1. She's a great artist, and commercially quite successful I think.

  2. Lovely work there & enjoyed the process, too. Also REALLY enjoyed catching up with all your doings ;)

  3. I was in awe of the linocut. It's one thing to create a good illustration, quite another imho to render it in a successful linocut with so much detail. Seeing the process really opened my eyes. Thanks!

    1. I know. You have to have a really steady hand in Lino cutting. It's fascinating to see her whole design process.


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