Laura Kemshall: Welcome to the Wooden House

20 March 2015

Laura Kemshall: Welcome to the Wooden House: It's taken a lot of work but we've gone from this... via this... to this... Our Wooden House is finally finished. ..." 

And if you follow the link you can have a sneak peak, and most exciting of all I'm going in a course there in April! 

I'll report back with oodles of photos which no doubt will take all this shed envy to the next level. 

There will no doubt be some lovely art too. 


  1. Justified envy! What a beautiful space. I couldn't help but think how freeing and motivating it would be to work there. Kind of a no wonder beautiful things get created there feeling.

    1. It's incredible. And lucky me - off there for a days playing in April. Rather looking forward to it. I will, of course, report back!


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