Getting organised (a bit)

29 March 2015

The creative muse is having a wee break - probably something to do with lack of sleep again - but I did manage to drag my weary body into the studio one evening this week.

Right , I thought, time to get organised. 

But don't worry, this isn't going to be a post about tidying up. 

Instead, I thought I should start to creat myself a product reference book.

Somewhere on the web I have seen a lovely blog post by someone who has done just this. And if I could remember,  I'd share that with you.

But I don't!  Sorry.

Anyhow,  this artist (she's out there somewhere. She might even be reading this post.) had a lovely little sketchbook kept for just for this purpose. 

But no nice new virgin sketch book to hand - so I used paper instead. I think I will have to make a file. 

I got out all of my Fresco Paints - those I already had in stock and the new ones I received the other day - and I painted them onto the paper.

I did five 'blobs' for each paint colour.

And then, when dry, I coloured one column of blobs with the new Metallic Glaze, one with the Amber Green Treasure Gold and one with the Florentine Treasure Gold.

And here are the results. The first and last columns are just the colour - the finishes are 2nd Column, Metallic Glaze; 3rd Amber Green; 4th Florentine. The photographs are taken under an electric light. And I thought I would spare you the whole collection. A choice few photos. 






This is a lovely reference collection.

The metallic Glaze gives a lovely subtle sheen. It does alter the colour of the underlying paint slightly but that varies in the light. I think there are tiny flecks of mica in the paint which is where the sheen comes from so the effect varies depending on the light source.  Real potential with this product, though not sure where yet.

But the Treasure Golds -oh I am in love!  I think possibly the nicest 'gold' products I have come across. Here I applied the colour with a small brush.  You don't need much, th pigment is so thick.  If you use too much you block out the colour underneath - not the purpose of the exercise.

You can see from the photographs how the different golds work so differently on the same colour paint.  This is very exciting! And I only have two colours from the whole range.  There are 21!

I could get dangerously tempted!


  1. I'm sure you will tempted! I have several of the Treasure Gold pots - all lovely. I haven't used them recently as I've been rather hooked on the monochrome recently, but I'm sure I will return - for Christmas cards, if nothing else.

    1. Do you have a favourite? And have you tried the silver or the pewter? I could seriously buy them all, but then I do love a bit of glitter! Or rather the subtle effect that you get with TG.

  2. Replies
    1. Don't they look all great and professional (ahem - well here at least!)

  3. Great idea. Treasure Gold has to be my favourite product and always gets applied with fingers, resulting in it appearing where it wasn't intended, like in my hair!

    1. It's a new product for me, but I am already smitten. What colour do you use most? And having it in your hair can't be a bad thing, surely ??


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