Idaho Beauty's Creative Journey: And it's done...

24 April 2015

I wanted to share this blog post with you.

Sheila from across the pond in Idaho ( the blog title is a bit of a clue!) writes a truly lovely blog.  Her writing is style is just excellent, and I do love to visit her blog and see what she has been up to.

I particularly wanted to share this blog post. Recently,she gave herself a really technical challenge in the assembly of a quilt top based on a fountain. Having wrestled with a few technical issues, she then wrote a lovely blog about it, sharing the process. You can read it yourself on the link below.

Idaho Beauty's Creative Journey: And it's done...

Having had a few technical issues myself with some of my own quilts, I really empathise with this blog post.

Have a little read and see what you think.


  1. I love Sheila's blog. I also know her and she's a lovely person.

  2. I'm blushing you two! Thank you Hilary, for this - it was a surprise to pop in today and see you featuring me. I've already received a comment from one of your followers new to me. I love getting to know others on the internet this way. And Sherrie, there are days when I feel not so lovely (like when I'm cussing at a quilt because of technical issues!) so it is so nice to hear you think me so - especially since you've put up with me in close quarters on a few occasions. ;-)

    Both of you are talented and lovely ladies I am so fortunate to know. Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. Oh, I take that back - I DO know the person leaving the comment through your link, having just clicked through to her info and recognizing her last name. I think it was the old Alternative Quilt list on Yahoo Groups that I first got to know her. Hi Sandy! Nice to connect again.

  3. Ha ha, we're having our own little blog party.

    Sherrie, I think I knew that you and Sheila were acquainted, but thanks for confirming.


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