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22 May 2015

In the last post I explained that my last flourish before the Open Studios was to create a few pieces at a more accessible price point.

I have a little range on the go created from a series of mono prints.  I described them in the last post.

But I also had some background papers (collaged dictionary pages, gesso and paint).

So I am also creating a few even smaller pieces with embroidered hearts.  Again, I am using nylon organza to tie the colours together.

My initial thinking was to put these into tiny frames - you know, the little frames you can get at places such as IKEA etc.

But I might change my mind as I don't think they are going to work so well.

If that is the case - I might think again and perhaps put them into a larger mount but somehow mounted onto different paper - perhaps rag paper.

As you can tell, I am sort of making this up as I go along!

Which then still leaves scope for some even smaller pieces. But, I need to reign it in now and get things framed up and catalogued ready for displaying.

It will be interesting to test the market with some of these.  Who knows where it might go?


  1. Such pretty colours. Definitely the stuff under £50 sells, picture sets and covered notebooks and the like.

  2. "Charming" seems to be my compliment of the day - these surely are that. I'm not usually into heart motifs - I may have mentioned this when you made the heart book - but these are just lovely. Can't tell how large they are - could they be attached to the front of a blank notecard (or some have an opening that works like a frame) and sold that way?

  3. I will do an update. These are about postcard size but needed a bigger mount. I will blog about their progress.


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