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12 May 2015

I have been fiddling about with the look and feel of this blog (as I am sure you have probably noticed).

Sorry to confuse you (if you were confused). I needed a better header photo and I was hoping that I may have cracked that one now.  The last one just did not quite work as a header.  This one, I thought, feels much better.  What do you think?

But then I showed my good friends Rob and Andy, they of the shed, and Rob said it was too bland. I was being too timid. And he's right - when it comes to art I am. I hide behind this eccentric blog title (though I am rather fond of it) and you have to dig a bit to find 'me'.  And, if truth be told, I am not 'out' with most of my work/day job colleagues.

Perhaps the open studios will help me overcome this timidity. 

And I feel that I should be panicking a bit more about the Open Studios ( just around the corner now) - but I am not.  Which means that I am clearly missing something and all the panic will be in the last week or so.

But meanwhile, my good chum Annabel is also about to do an event - her's is an altogether bigger affair and has been some time in the planning.  You can read more about it by following the link below.

Annabel Rainbow: How to prepare for an exhibition - Part One, The V...:  (left) Putting together some bits and pieces to make a studio set up for an exhibition starting on 16th May to 25th July,  at Bilston, Wolverhampton.


  1. Best of luck with the open studio! I'm sure it'll be great, even if you do panic at the last moment.

  2. You will love it! It is a nervy thing but i bet you will be wanting to do it again the minute it's over! Don't forget the visitors book, as well as a nice momento you can build up email addresses to notify of your next exhibition. :-)

  3. Oh pish posh. Not everyone needs to be bright and blowsy. Yes, there is bland but there is also something in between the extremes. And then there is you, what fits your aesthetic, what expresses what makes you happy. Some may see it as timid, but it may just be your style, one that will grow and blossom the more you create.

    Then again, this is coming from Ms Tends to be too Matchy Matchy and Hesitates To Be Bold. But I take heart from several favorite artists who have mastered subtlety over intensity. You'll learn a lot from the Open Studios, in talking to and observing people as they filter through. I'm fine with the banner photo showing at the moment, but of course, I would as it has "my" colors in it. ;-) Good luck, and remember that a little panic is ok but if you can keep it to a minimum, all's the better!

  4. Oh, just look at you all - my internet friends full of encouragement and good ideas. Yes, Amanda, a very good point about the visitors book and to start my own mailing list.

    A little waver in confidence and you all just give me that pat on the back.

    I am great fun to you all! Xx

  5. Hiya you. You are who you are - don't try to be someone else that you're not comfortable with. I like your header and new blog. If you like it then it's right. Be instinctive and stop worrying!! We evolve. Who's to say you won't end up being the boldest person on the planet? A x ps thanks for the link!

  6. Personally I love your blog. It looks very professional and is easy to read... your art is what makes this special, and the wonderful way in which you express yourself! I think your blog's just an extention of your process, and it'll evolve with you.

    I wouldn't panic about not panicking! (if that makes sense!) The quality of your work speaks for itself and the gallery are so lucky that you'll be exhibiting there! It's easy to say 'don't worry' - let's face it I'd be havng a breakdown about now! - but honestly, your exhibition will be incredible and people will LOVE it! sending you a big reassuring hug from me and The Colonel! (you're epic) xxx

    1. Thanks Shroo. That is very supportive of you. And coming from your good self, awash with talent, also very flattering.


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