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31 May 2015

So, I have been thinking about smaller pieces of work.

In the last post I mentioned some smaller postcard sized images.  They were not great on their own so I have mounted them on canvas with a view to them going into mount frames 16" x 12".

I am still not sure - outside of the mounts they definitely do not work, but inside?


Anyway, what do you think?


  1. Do they need some "help" to marry them to the background?

    Some stitches or painted some things?...😮

  2. I love the panels though....😀

  3. You've really spiffed these up with the beading & stitch. IMHO the white background is too stark, at least surrounding these with that much. If these are 4 x 6 I think wrapping them on an 8 x 10 frame keeps them the focus. Setting that in a floater frame gives real presence & sense that they are truly art. Here's an example of what I mean.

  4. thank you for all your comments and suggestions.

    Chris, you are right in that I coul have tied them into the background more with stitch or paint - but I was trying to keep these ' simple' or rather relatively quick.

    I have put them in mount frames. And I think they work now. I will do more photos for you.

    Sheila - they've got wispy bits and I don't think you like wispy bits do you??

    H xxx

  5. No no - I like wispy bits like these. It's the loose threads raveled off raw edges or thread end that looks like it missed trimming that can set my teeth on edge. I try not to say absolutes though as time has shown that things I once scoffed at I may later find myself happily incorporating into my work. :-)


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