Opens Studios: Post Script

5 July 2015

It is quite amazing where opportunities pop up.

And an Open Studio opens doors for such opportunities. 

So, first off a gallery came to our private view and wanted some of my work.

Jenny from Vitreous Art came to the private view on the Friday evening before the open studio started. She was very taken with the work and left her Business card saying that she would very much like to hang some of the work in the gallery that she has at the Wakefield estate.

Just before studio was due to finish, she contacted me again and we arranged for her to come just after the event to see the pictures still hanging and select some for the gallery. So on Tuesday morning I dropped a small selection of work off with her. It will be very exciting to see the work in your gallery and to have a bit more airtime

And the other interesting opportunity that has popped up was that a Caroline Davies, poet came to the open studio.

We were looking at a couple of handmade books that I had on display and I said how nice it would be to do a collaboration with somebody who was a wordsmith. She agreed and went away with a few ideas mulling. Nothing is completely sorted out yet, although she has suggested a possible themes that we can both work with. I will be home on the south coast this weekend and it will be a great opportunity to start some research for this. A new sketchbook is needed!


  1. Fabulous! Enjoy the opportunities and your weekend down here.

  2. Wow, you must be so excited, just goes to show how these things can happen when you make the effort to put your stuff out there.....and of course, as long as it's good, which yours definitely is! Congratulations.

  3. Congratulations Hilary. Exciting times!

  4. congratulations. How very exciting this is for you!

  5. This is always the way I imagine I want things to go - someone approaching me rather than me having to go convince someone else. How lucky for you to have this invitation for gallery exposure. The collaboration sounds good too and reminds me of something a calligrapher friend of mine did - joining with an artist to produce greeting cards - he doing the artwork and coming up with the text and she writing it out in her beautiful hand. Hope this one goes well too.

  6. Well done - excellent news! So glad the open studios led to these opportunities!

    1. Um - not sure why that comment appeared under someone else's email! It's Kim from Flextiles. :)

  7. Congratulations Hilary, how incredibly exciting.

    Lin x


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