A little bit of England

19 July 2015

My 'home from home' nestles in a little corner of the home counties, the northern tip of Buckinghamshire to be more exact.

Every day I walk the dog - or on this occasion the dogs, because my sons Whippet is with us again for a mini break while Son No1 is on a sales trip to New York.

I usually forget to take a camera - I just stride out - but in a fit of organisation I remembered to take one with me on one of my recent morning walks.

Across the disused railway line ( which is supposed to be coming back on stream but I don't know when).

Over the creaky footbridge. 

Verges with bindweed. The bain of the gardeners life but lovely in a verge. 

Across a field ( this is either a very happy dog or one smothering himself in the delightful doggy scent of "eau de fox poo"! )

Into the village, which this year is sporting some stunning hollyhocks. 

Through the little back lanes, all a bit chocolate box England.

And I came across this outbuilding. It looks as though someone is working on it. I'm intrigued to know what it might be. Wouldn't it make a fabulous studio? 


  1. Lots of inspiration along that walk. I particularly like that rusty railing along the footbridge. And happy rolling dogs - brings back memories!


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