In an English country garden

7 July 2015

I am no gardener, but I am never the less a sucker for a lovely garden.

And the weekend before last we found this gem of a garden at Claydon House. 

Clayton House itself is run by the National Trust, but the Verney family still have apartments there and they are responsible for the garden. 

The house was fascinating, especially if you are interested in Florence Nightingale. At one point her sister was the lady of the house, and she must have stayed there. The Trust is making the most of this famous visitor. 

As far as stately piles go, there are better ones, but this one is on my door step and is worth a look.

But on a sunny day the garden was doing what gardens do best - blooming away! 

And this included a fabulous show of foxgloves,

Ridiculously blousy roses,

Stunning Achiliea,

And this rather amazing plant, which was the palest of yellows but had a black and yellow centre. The bees loved it. We think it might be a scabious, the flower sort of fits, but I thought they just came in blue! 

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