Hilary Beattie

24 July 2015

Just had to share this one with you. My mate Hilary Beattie, she with the mucky hands, sharing her enthusiasm with a group of very happy looking ladies at the Bramble Patch.

The Bramble Patch is just up the road from me here in Milton Keynes. For me, and on so many occasions, it is a little bit of heaven. I have been lucky enough to do a number of courses there. It was day courses at the bramble patch that really set me off on my personal journey.

Because of the day job, I have not been able to sign up to Hilary's ongoing course.but I I must admit I'm a little bit envious of the enormous fun these ladies were having.

If you are not familiar with Hilary's work, then she is a force of nature and it's worth having a look at her own blog and website.


  1. I think we're going to the Bramble Patch in August. Never been before. Maybe I should save up?!

    1. Oh you should!! And now they're building a coffee shop out the front. It's just perfect!

  2. Well, that was simply too much fun! I suspect there may be some "misery loves company" going on here, i.e. sucking your friends into spending the same kind of time watching these great videos as you are - a bit of procrastination from diving in and doing like I should have been doing! ;-) But for every one of these I watch, my understanding and confidence to do some of these techniques grows. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Actually not really. If I'm having a full on week ( a couple of those lately) or it's just early in the morning I do like a little web wander. And then when I find a gem, well I just have to share! This one was just fun. The watercolour one was actually instructive. I keep meaning to go back to it.


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