I made a bag ....

27 August 2015

... to match that dress.

If you remember, a couple of posts back I shared my foray into dressmaking - the first time for many years.  And I was very pleased with the result. Making a pattern from a dress I already have means that I have something that fits and suits! I am chuffed, I really am.

I had fabric left over, so decided to make a bag - a matching bag, though to wear the dress and have the bag at the same time might be a bit over the top. Yep, and you guessed it, no pattern - so I had to make my own.

Anyway, I lined it too, so although made from dress fabric it should be quite strong, though it is not designed as a shopping bag, and I used some leather off cuts I had for the handles.

I am please with the result.  Basket style.  I mulled over the idea of having a flap, but I don't have a decent closure and thought a popper would be a bit naff. So a simple boxy basket style it is.

It's the same bag - this is just down to the variation in the fabric!

I used pelmet vilene for the bottom and the sides to give it stability, and a lighter vilene for the narrow ends. It is lined with an off cut of quilting fabric - something I had in my stock - and I doubled the leather for the handles as it is a very soft finish leather and would not be strong enough on its own.  And the lining even has a couple of pockets! Golly but I am on a roll!

I am so please with this I am tempted to try a smaller bag - a little shoulder purse or similar.  I have still got fabric.

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  1. Fun! I bet you get a lot of use out of such a basic design, especially since you've beefed it up with the pelmet vilene & leather handles. That is just the best fabric!


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