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25 August 2015

The fair came to town. 

To be accurate, Carters Steam Fair came to Gosport.

Now this fair used to come to our little corner of South East London when we lived there and Son No 1 and Daughter No 1 were quite a bit smaller than they are now.  There was always something rather lovely about it. They invented the term vintage before the rest of us had ever heard of it. 

And so in the spirit of remembering, I went on the Ghost Train!

And admired the lovely roundabouts.

And then the next day was one of the few glorious days we seem to have had this year, so I took the dogs down to the beach for a morning coffee (me, not them, and I was sitting Molly - she of Rob Turner China.)

That is the Isle of Wight out there!

And we watched the local sailing club get their dingys ready. It all looked very complicated, and these things look more like kites, if you ask me!

Its a shingle beach!

And in the distance we could see the yachts racing off Cowes - it was the first weekend of Cowes Week.

And an enormous tanker out of Southampton seemed to be cutting right through the middle, though I am sure that was just an illusion.


  1. What fun weekend, your pictures of sailing boats remind me of our weekends when we lived in the UK, thanks for the memory.

  2. We went to that area with our first dog, a border collie cross. She loved running out into the sea to swim after her ball, but not there! The waves weren't very gentle coming in, and with the rolling of the stones it made a bit of an animal-like roar. She would not go anywhere near the sea! Every time we stepped off the walkway, she barked and barked her warning! "IT is going to get you! Get back!" ;-)
    Sandy in Bracknell
    PS Carter's Steam fair comes to Bracknell, as well...just across from South Hill Park which is only a little bit across the road and round the lake from here.


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