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29 August 2016

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Gosh, dear reader.

The start of a new week and it's a rhetorical question rather than a fluffy 'here is what I've been working on'.

And I have asked it before, but i think it's a question worth asking again. Why spend time,  in my case usually early in the morning over that first cup of coffee before the dogs are awake, composing a blog post for you to (hopefully) read and enjoy?

So why do I do it?

To keep me working - without a doubt my blog has spurred me on to keep making art. In the early days in particular, when I had not started showing any work and with a fairly full on day job, without you, dear reader, the art would have ground to a halt. I used to feel a pang of guilt ( bonkers I know) if I did not have something to share.

To learn new techniques - linked to the above really. "I need to write about something new. I can try this and share the outcome on my blog". Some of the techniques have not made it much past the blog post. Others I have incorporated into my work more frequently. Now, I guess, it's not so much about new techniques as new materials and new work I produce and of course all those inspirational days out in between. But there are also all those other techniques that you have to learn when posting a blog - writing, taking half way decent photographs (still got some way to go on this) working out how to make a nice looking blog etc. I hope I have improved with all of these over time. 

To get feedback - fiddle faddling about on my own in my own little studio, sometimes it's good to get feedback from fellow artists. I do love it when you leave me a comment, dear reader. "Yes, I like that!" - Spurs you on when it would be so easy to slump in front of the television instead.

To satisfy my ego - ok, let's cut to the chase here! Confession time. I get a real buzz when I look at my stats and see how many page hits I have had. Recently, I had some amazing spikes in readership. Ok, let's be honest, they did not last but I have to say that knowing that people in other countries stop by and have a little gander at my words of wisdom ( ahem) does feel rather good! Is that bad of me?

To make friends - Kim, Sheila, Chris, Alison, Mrs Bertimus, you are all people I know I could stop and chat with over a coffee and a custard cream. If it had not been for this lovely wonderful thing called The Internet and the opportunity to self publish all these little fripperies would we have met? I somehow doubt it.

To build my name now I'm an emerging artist - ok, another 'let's cut to the chase' moment. Recently, I was picked up by a small gallery and have had some success selling my work there. And they described me on their blurb as an emerging artist. And I do now sell work. Who would have thought it? But people like what I do, are prepared to part with hard earned pennies and put my work in their homes. Heart skips a little beat. So, if I am to keep that momentum going I need to create a bit of a noise. Though of course here, I still hide behind a slightly anonymous blog title. Whoops!

Because I enjoy it - I really do. It's not a chore. I really enjoy tippity tapping away on my laptop or silently on my iPad. It must be a bit like the pleasure of keeping a diary, which I never have, to be able to look back at what I have written in the past - "Gosh, was it really three years since I did that?" - some posts I remember so clearly. Others I have completely forgotten about.

So- there we have it. A little bit of self analysis. 

Normal service will be resumed! 


  1. Well I think you covered it all quite nicely. I blog for all the same reasons just as you describe - a bit uncanny! Hard to prioritize importance of each but one thing for sure I agree with - friendships really do develop through blogs in a way I don't see with other social media I am on so even if I did run across you elsewhere, I doubt we'd have the sort of chumminess and good-natured laughs that we do.

    Because you work differently than me, I learn so much from your posts. And I also get to know about another corner of the world when you take us out & about. No doubt about it, maintaining a blog is work & time consuming but I think the rewards are worth it. Blog on!

  2. I agree with Idaho Beauty, blog posts are more contemplative & informative that a quick facebook post, still haven't really got into Instagram - I can only be so many people at a time & if it's not different, why repeat yourself? I blog too as I love the record, the life diary - I look back & am surprised I did all that tho sometimes I think if I watched less tv (I always try to have some stitching in hand so I don't feel too guilty)I could do so much more! So the blog becomes a kind of 'accountability partner', too. Oh, dear, more guilt! Love they way you share links & show us experiments too.

  3. I love reading your posts and learning about your techniques and your part of the world. Keep it coming!

  4. I don't believe I didn't know you had a blog! Now that I have found it , the first entry I read is this one! It is the prod I need to get me blogging regularly again!

    1. Hi Sally - yes I have been on Blogland a while. I've just discovered bloglovin so if you use that I think you can follow m there,

  5. Those are all reassuring comments, ladies. And I thank you for them. I'm so pleased to know that I offer a bit of a service. As promised, normal service will be resumed.


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