Dog sitting distractions

16 August 2016

Dear reader you will know that my blog posts sometimes get photo bombed by my four legged friends. 

These last few weeks have been a particular distraction. 

Let me introduce Brandy - on the right in this photo sharing a post walk moment with my elderly gentleman Gazza. 

Brandy has come to stay, and we are all hoping the arrangement will be permanent. 

We've been settling down and getting to know each other. So far it has been going well and even grumpy Gazza has taken to her in his own way.  And you can see from the photo above that she loves a good art book! 

And then Pigeon the Whippet came to stay. 

And there was doggy wrestling on the bed! Of course I don't approve!! 

And practising our social skills (sharing a moment here at Rob and Andy's Barbecue with the lovely Sandi) 

And we have been going to doggy school. 

And if you follow me on Instagram then you will know that we have been having a few adventures.

So that explains why things have been a bit erratic both in the studio and here on the blog. 


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