Inky powders

19 August 2016

I love Brusho powders.

I love the way that they can be turned into ink, can colour other media but best of all the way that they can be used dry and then spritzed with water.

I am using them just now in the Transfusions project I am working on.

But you may also know that I love Paper Artsy paints.

And now, just to tempt me, Paper Artsy have introduced an Ink Powder range - Infusions.

Oh - the temptation!

And I have not yet succumbed (how strong willed is that?) but I did find this little video which I thought to share with you. Some really useful stuff here on how to use these powders.

I the video link does not work from this post you can pop over to Youtube and find it here. The Blogger is Scrapcosy - I don't know anything about her. Sorry. 

But let me know if you use these powders and how.

Meanwhile, I am wrestling with how to fix Brusho. I don't want to paint on a fixative - that will loose the random effect I get from using a spritz of water. I think I will have to find a fixative spray. Again, if anyone has any tips do leave me a comment. 

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the video. 

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