Battleship grey Sunday

27 January 2018

Sometimes January can be so grey it feels as though you are in a battleship! 

The penultimate weekend in January took grey to a completely different level. It rained or sleeted continuously all weekend. The sky was like a solid, unrelenting slab or concrete.

Walking the dog was not really particularly enjoyable. It is very rare that I feel that the dog walk is a chore but in all honesty, I cannot say I really relished the walk on either the Saturday or the Sunday. 

It was sleeting while I took the picture below, but catkins are a cheerful reminder that no matter how oppressive the weather seems, spring is just around the corner.  

And we cut back through the churchyard at Bradwell Village.

This was almost the same walk recorded here, when there was snow on the ground.

Here is the church with the plum tree (I am guessing at that, but I am not sure what else this fruit can be) on the left hand side.

The birds were feasting on these golden baubles.

But look at that same tree now - just a few weeks later!

We have had strong winds but I am amazed that the winds managed to uproot this tree. 

The birds will miss it. 

But someone enjoyed the walk (and the warm shower at the end of the walk - honestly she was so covered in mud it was as if we were bringing half on Milton Keynes inside). 


  1. I sympathize with you about the grey. It's been grey for AGES here in the Pacific Northwest. But the days are gradually getting longer, as everyone here keeps pointing out. I guess we just have to make our own color!

    1. Sherrie - you are, of course, quite right! And you excel at colour!

  2. So sad about the poor tree. Beautiful photos and your dog looks so cosy! Wishing you a happy weekend my friend xxx

    1. Hello Mrs B -that tree is indeed sad. I walk past it quite a lot and just feel for the birds. I wonder what the church will plant to replace it.

  3. I'm remembering those "chore" days of dog walking as you recount yours. I bought so much dog-walking specific outerwear over the years to keep me warm and dry on the worst days because, like it or not, those dogs must be walked. They got me in a good habit and I still go out on less than lovely days for my daily exercise. I suppose the days that are chores make the days you can't wait to get out there all the better.

    It always disturbs me to see a downed tree. The mighty force of the winds are often surprising and an uprooted tree is a death to be mourned. Perhaps a new young one will take its place and take over its duties in time.

    1. Some mornings I could easily snuggle under the duvet, but really I do enjoy my dog walks. My girl seems immune to the weather (she will go out in all weathers) but my son's whippet is purely fair weather! He will not go out if it is raining!

      But getting out in all weathers does make you appreciate the change of the seasons.

  4. I am always jealous of your late January/February weather with spring just around the corner. For us, it's a solid two months (maybe longer!) before spring arrives.

    To make up for it though, we do have lovely long falls. We were playing golf, comfortably, on the 19th of December. :)

    1. Ah Kit - spring might be hinting at her arrival, but we are still getting some biting winds and nasty stinging rain. Spring is taunting us with little hints of green but some mornings walking the dog is a real chore!

      Mind you, December is always a grey month (thank goodness for Christmas lights to brighten everything up) and I cannot imagine being on a golf course in December!


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