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7 January 2018

Because over the last year or so I have been creating more lampshades (three dimensional embroideries) and because I have an Instagram account (oh, what a wonderful way to waste time), I have found that more and more my Instagram feed is filling with pictures of the most luscious interiors.

Now, I did not really think that I was an interiors kind of person (just plonk that bit of furniture anywhere) but I now find I am drooling over pictures of sofas, footstools, fabrics and all things interior.

There seem to be two distinct themes - those lovely clean, white, minimalist scandi interiors and, in complete contrast, rather maximalist dark cluttered interiors. I love the former, but I am a realist and I am drawn to the latter.

So I thought I should share some of my favourites with you so you too can share a bit of the eye candy.

First up is The Girl with a Green Sofa.

Photo from The Girl with The Green Sofa

Now, I am very drawn to Nicola Broughton, the girl in question. She is a mum and she has a full time day job which is not an interiors job but in a completely different field. So I feel she is a bit of a kindred spirit (as you may know I have a day job completely unrelated to the arts). And yet she manages to pack it all in. Her instagram feed is incredible and she has set up a really professional blog/web page. In all honestly, I don't know how she does it.

You can follow her Instagram Account here.

Next up is Cressida Bell. Cressida is a direct descendant of the Bloomsbury Group so has truly royal design DNA.  Her Instagram account is here. She has a very distinctive very strong pattern aesthetic.

All pictures of Cressida Bell's house are from an article published by Homes and Property when the Television drama about the Bloomsbury Group was shown on British television in 2015.  

Another lady with a very strong pattern aesthetic is Anna Hayman and you can find her website here. She is also active on Instagram and you can follow her here. There is a lot of black in her work. 

And finally, a fairly new one for me is Sharon of The Arched Windows.  Now I don't thinks Sharon has a website - you will have to pop over to Instagram to have a look. But like me she does seem to be a fan of the humble (and let me tell you indestructible!) spider plant.

I will leave it there. I could go on, but instead why don't you pop over to Instagram and see where some of these links might take you. Slate grey walls anyone?


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