Sunday in the Studio

24 January 2018

Work continues in the little sketchbook reserved for all things floral.  I mentioned it in this blog post here. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen pages from time to time. 

This one seemed very popular on Instagram. And funnily the photograph looks a bit better than the actual page.  Now how can that happen?

Here is another page, this one I did not publish on Instagram. I cannot decide if I like it or loath it. I laid the stripes down first and then added the flowers and leaves - and you can see that as well as using the Koh i door inks I also used the white ink pens that I talked about in the post here

Initially I was rather disappointed with the pens. However, they seem to be flowing better. That highlighting on the leaves is from the pens and the page below uses quite a lot of white from the pens. 

All this sketch book work has loosened the artistic muscles. Consequently, I spent a happy afternoon making some print blocks with the sheets of sticky foam you find in the children's section of Hobbycraft and The Range

Now this first one probably needs a bit of explanation.

You might recall that from time to time I exhibit with two other stitchers in Milton Keynes under the banner of Mix3d Stitch.

This year we are planning a couple of outings under the Mix3d Stitch banner.

The first one is "Shape and Form - Textiles Inspired by Architecture":

OPEN CALL FOR WORK: any textile technique using the architecture or its detail for your inspiration.
This can be 2d or 3d
Inspired by a building, stained glass, architectural detail. Or just be piece of textile work with a wonderful building in it!

Exhibition dates: April 13th – April 30th 2018
Cornerstone Gallery
Cornerstone Church
Central Milton Keynes

Submission: Digital submissions initially to be emailed please to by April 6th. 
Please attach a short statement explaining your concept, giving dimensions and brief details of media/techniques. Successful artists will be notified by April 8th and then asked to deliver their work by April 10th. There will be a Private View on April 13th 
Submission cost £5 for up to 3 pieces, payment on delivery please. 
This exhibition is also in conjunction with the National Embroiders Guild AGM being held at the  Cornerstone Church, Milton Keynes

Back to that block.  I was thinking of this marvellous wall, the city walls of the Spanish town Avila.  (We went there on holiday a few years ago.) 

That stonework is just beautiful. 

I also made a couple of simple blocks inspired by ordinary brickwork. 

And pattern using squares.

I have not done any test prints yet with these. That will be the next step.


  1. Wonderful artwork and a brilliant idea to use the foam.

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. And they can be very resilient if you wipe them clean afterwards (damp paper towel or a baby wipe)

  2. I have the sticky foam but no use for it at the mo. It would be a good candidate for my #useupthecraftstuff though. Look forward to seeing how they print and what you make of them.

    1. Amanda - I love sticky foam for print blocks. I use it a lot. It is easy to cut with scissors or a scalpel and can make very intricate patterns.

  3. Love all of this. And your mention that the sketchbook work loosened you up for the play with making some print blocks. I can see how that wall would inspire and I think the shapes you are playing with and combining are going to make some great prints.


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